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SpellGround - HallowedGround! SOLD OUT

Khalsa Brain Games riffs off its 2-player Original SpellGround... in this newly designed SpellGround. This special edition HallowedGround™ play mat has all the elements of the familiar Classic design but in a spooky Halloween theme!

And of course... the colors are black (fabric) and orange (ink)!

These mats are on our newest fabric. (Version 3) It still has that smooth, silky softness but is slightly thicker and the pattern is more consistent across the area of the mat.

Also... this is a mocked up image of our mat, and not an actual image of the printed mats... so colors may be slightly different when production is completed.

Mats will ship by September 26th, if not sooner.

===== MAX OF TWO (2) MATS PER ORDER =====


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Seasons: Autumn Mat SOLD OUT!

Cool breazes, falling leaves, the world turns red and brown... Juxtaposing the sun and moon, with simple lines inspired by traditional Japanese art, the Autumn edition evokes the turning of the seasons as we pass through the heat of summer... midway to the return of winter. In a clay brown fabric and deep red ink, The Seasons mat uses the Spellground fabric you've come to love. Available before Sept. 19th!