makeMYmat™ - Our pre-order program for SpellGrounds! -- Currently NOT in production

makeMYmat Features

  • Pre-payment only
  • No limit to Qty
  • Multiple Color Choices
  • 8-10 Week Delivery
  • One WEEK to order
  • No missed releases
  • No need to shop Auctions
  • No Limited Edition released
  • No Refunds

What our fans say:

The minimalistic aesthetics of the playmat is perfect, reflecting the solemnity of an arcane duel, and would no doubt enhance the already wonderful experience of playing MtG with my friends.

Pokemon, Yugioh, MTG

Simple... it was just plain a simple, yet exuded an elegance and sophistication that I admired. Sturdy enough to handle a full on grudge match with lots of cards slicing the air and everything, and yet felt so soft to the touch.

Uy Nguyen

(I) often play on their playmats while we are playtesting. Every time I do, after going back to my normal "rubber" playmat, the feeling just isn't the same.

Yugioh! Magic: The Gathering, WoW TCG, Naruto CCG, Cardfight Vanguard

About makeMYmat™

To help meet demand for our SpellGround products, you can now pre-order specific runs of mats ...

One reason our mat production is so limited in availability, is that the fabric we use is of the highest quality.
Consequently, it requires a significant financial investment to order it from the fabric mills.  It then takes us 6-8 weeks to take delivery of the fabric, and another few weeks to create the SpellGrounds from it... and ship them to you. All said, it takes us as long as 8-10 weeks to recoup our investment.

Our new program gives you the opportunity to pay for your mat in advance - assuring that you'll receive your brand new SpellGround - or SpellGrounds - in 8-10 weeks.
For approximately a week to ten days, there will be a window of opportunity to pre-order as many mats as you like.  After we end the pre-order period, we'll use your pre-orders to calculate the necessary fabric, and to fund the purchase of the fabric.

We'll then work as fast and hard as we can to produce your mat(s), and while we expect it can take as long as 8-10 weeks, we also believe it can be less. (Much of this has to do with how long the fabric mills take to fill our fabric order).

Also, this program is in ADDITION to our regular releases. (Which will likely still be in limited quantities)

With this program, there are NO REFUNDS. We'll be using your pre-order $$ to purchase the fabric and produce the mats, so it won't be possible to cancel orders after the purchase period closes.

makeMYmat™ is currently on hiatus, with no new production runs planned!